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Atlas Desktop Collection

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Crafted by Emmett Sparling


The Atlas Collection adds a smooth, warm inviting feel to your images. I like to use these presets on my run-and-gun travel photos when I need a quick edit.

The 'Summer Days' preset (a personal favourite for quick edits) has been expanded into 4 separate variations. I've also included the Carnival presets which give a slight vintage look to your photos.

These 10 presets preserve skin tones, and work well on both landscapes and portraits.

In this pack:

  • Summer Days
  • Summer Days -
  • Summer Days +
  • Summer Days ++
  • Volcano
  • Moraine
  • Sunny Portrait
  • Carnival
  • Carnival -
  • Carnival + 

Included in this pack is an Editing Tutorial, where I will show you how I tweak my own photos after applying a preset.

In addition to the editing tutorial, I've also included a Camera Basics Crash Course where I go over basic camera settings, rules of composition and color theory.

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Includes 10 presets + editing tutorial + camera basics crash course

10 presets
1.99 GB

Atlas Desktop Collection

0 ratings
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